In today’s world, trades people are in high demand. For anyone seeking opportunity, lifelong learning, and skill development, the trades can be an excellent fit. 

Many of the Gitga’at Development Corp’s joint venture businesses require skilled tradespeople, filling these roles can be a crucial part of community-driven economic development at the membership level. The variety of job types available in the trades ensures that anyone with an aptitude for technical work can succeed. 

With the right training and skill level, the sky’s the limit. 


Jobs in Trades are High-Demand Careers

Here are ten of the highest demand trade occupations – many of these trades and services are carried out by existing Gitga’at joint venture partnerships.: 

  1. Automotive Service Technician
  2. Carpenter
  3. Construction Electrician
  4. Heavy Duty Equipment Technician 
  5. Industrial Electrical 
  6. Machinist 
  7. Millwright
  8. Motor Vehicle Body Repair Technician
  9. Plumber
  10. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic


Post-Secondary Trades Programs

There are many more trades available than the ones listed above. If you’d like to explore which trades might be a good fit then check out the BCIT Trades Discovery Program. The site offers the chance to “try out” up to 20 different trades to determine which one is the best match for your skills and interests. 

But BCIT isn’t the only institution offering an introductory course in the trades. Coast Mountain College offers a course called Adult Intro to the Trades where students get hands-on learning with trades skills, tools, knowledge of terminology, and a clear path to an apprenticeship. 

Whether you’re looking to work close to home or in another town or province, the trades can take you wherever you want to go. You’ll be able to choose which industry you work in, and how you can be part of a union, self-employed, or work for a company. 


Hands-On Experience for Trade Labourers

Aspiring tradespeople who aren’t ready for a training program but want to work with their hands can become a labourer. This position enables them to work around other more experienced tradespeople to see how things are done and learn on the job. 

A couple of organizations to check out are LGNC/FLUOR and Chemco, as these companies post labourer jobs on their websites. 

Aspiring trades people may also want to contact the Labourers’ Union for job placements:

Local 1161 – Labourers’ Union

Main Contact: Jordan Heal

Tel: 250-632-2615



Trade Opportunities for Youth

Younger members who are looking to develop skills and gain experience can get connected with programs through school districts that offer hands-on work experience. 

There is usually a career coordinator who has relationships with industries and communities and can provide information and support services to students plus help them get valuable work experience. 

Work experience programs within school district 52:

Contact: Susan Enns

District Career Education Teacher 

Tel: 250-624-5031


Alternate Contact: Brett Kuntz

District Careers Coordinator 

Tel: 778-884-6731



The Satisfaction of Working with Your Hands

Working in the trades gives you flexibility and freedom that office jobs can’t provide. Rather than sit at a desk all day, you can repair, build, or improve something that benefits your customers right away. Hone your craft, and you’ll be part of an in-demand career in no time.