The Canadian Council For Aboriginal Business (CCAB) is an organization that exists to help build Indigenous economies by promoting, strengthening, and enhancing business relationships and opportunities. 

CCAB supports business people by helping build bridges between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, networks, and businesses. A variety of tools, training awards, events, and networking opportunities are provided to give Indigenous entrepreneurs the resources they need for success. 


Certifications and Awards

Two offerings that illustrate CCAB’s commitment to entrepreneurship are their certifications. Aboriginal-owned businesses and companies with Progressive Aboriginal Relations can apply to be certified by CCAB. This provides additional exposure to others in the network, and increases the credibility of the company. 


Another important CCAB initiative is awards. By fostering Aboriginal entrepreneurship through a variety of programs, a vital part of Canada’s present and future is celebrated. Awards given by CCAB include the Aboriginal Business Hall of Fame (ABHF), Lifetime Achievement Award, and The Award for Excellence in Aboriginal Relations (among others). 

Benefits of TFAB

The Tools and Financing for Aboriginal Businesses (TFAB) Program by CCAB provides resources created by industry leaders. These offerings are practical, and can be used right away to improve business opportunities. Tools are available in the following categories:


  • Finance tools include templates, worksheets and more to help secure capital (funds) to launch a company. Example documents are provided to manage specific aspects of finance such as accounting. Mentorship opportunities are provided to help new entrepreneurs get comfortable with bookkeeping.

  • Operations tools shed light on specific aspects of running a company, enabling business assets to be translated into revenue. Keeping a business organized and running efficiently is a critical part of a successful operation.

  • Aboriginal procurement strategy is a tool based on the concept of ‘supply change’. Under this approach, CCAB’s 5 pillar procurement strategy aims to overcome common barriers and enable Aboriginal entrepreneurs to generate revenue through relationships formed with corporations and governments.

  • For growing companies, human resources are a very important consideration. CCAB members get access to a number of templates that aid Indigenous entrepreneurs in this crucial area.

  • Legal and regulatory tools help Indigenous businesses navigate topics such as copyright and trademarks as they apply to naming a company. Resources are also available to help with incorporating a business.

  • On the marketing and communications side getting the word out about Indigenous-owned businesses is an integral part of success. Templates and tools are provided on the CCAB website to help Indigenous entrepreneurs create a winning business strategy.

  • Technology can help accelerate business growth, and that’s why CCAB includes tools and templates for this topic. Whether it’s payment processing or setting up email servers, technology can expand business opportunities. 


The tools and financing resources provided by CCAB through their TFAB program help empower Indigenous entrepreneurs to launch and grow companies. These vital initiatives help to build bridges between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, so everyone can grow together.  


CCAB Can Provide the Help You Need For Your Business

Want to learn some more about CCAB and their programs? Visit their website to get a full overview of how they can help .