Communication is a key piece of economic and community growth. That’s why the Gitga’at First Nation and CityWest have formed a partnership to bring improved high-speed internet connectivity via subsea cables to rural communities along the North Coast of BC. 


What is the Connected Coast Project?

Under the terms of a joint partnership, a new company has been formed, CityWest Gitga’at Communications Corp. The company will jointly manage a leg of the Connected Coast project between Hartley Bay and Kitimat. This initiative will bring state-of-the-art fiber-to-the-home technology which delivers high-speed Internet, TV, and phone services, including last-mile connectivity into the community of Hartley Bay. 

The Connected Coast network is an undersea cable project that will deliver reliable high-speed connectivity to hundreds of communities in rural and remote areas along the BC Coast and Vancouver Island. The CCN project is an initiative of both the federal and provincial governments and is co-managed by both CityWest and the Strathcona Regional District.

The CEO of CityWest, Stefan Woloszyn, is proud to collaborate and build a long-term relationship with the Gitga’at First Nation, as he holds their community in the highest regard. Woloszyn is excited about the new opportunities and adventures that the CityWest partnership will bring in both the present and the future. 

Better Communication for Residents

Remote communities that are accessible only by seaplane or boat face challenges when it comes to connectivity with the outside world. Places such as Hartley Bay will benefit tremendously from high-speed Internet, TV, and phone services as locals will be able to work remotely, attend school, and connect with loved ones anywhere around the world. Businesses that work remotely will also be able to launch and operate from anywhere, allowing additional economic growth, no matter the location. 

Technology with Community Benefit

A portion of profits from this joint venture will be re-invested into Gitga’at communities. Putting funds back into the communities ensures the CCN has an impact at the local level long term.

The CityWest partnership is an excellent example of successful collaboration leading to joint economic development which will foster growth in the Gitga’at First Nation for decades to come. 

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