Good morning Gitga’ata Commercial Fishers. This is a reminder that DFO is accepting applications to their Fish Harvester Benefit and Grant programs for fishers who are feeling the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Skippers and Crew-members are eligible to apply. The online application is open until September 21st at this link:
For those who do not have internet access, you can call this toll free number and someone will walk you through the application process: 1-833-674-8283
Gitga’ata Skippers who have fished Gitga’at licenses in recent years have been given an ID number by DFO to use on the application. Chris Picard will be either emailing or texting your number today. But even if you do not receive a number, all commercial fishers are eligible to apply.
Go to the link above to get more background info, including eligibility information, then click the ‘Apply Online’ button to start your application.