Growing a community with a strong, well-rounded economy is a lot of work, and it takes many skills to do it effectively. CANDO has created Guidebooks as a tool for Economic Development Officers (EDOs) to use in their daily work.


What is CANDO?

The Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers (CANDO) is a national Indigenous organization focused on community economic development. This federally registered, non-profit society was founded in 1990. Since then, they’ve concentrated on training, education, and networking opportunities that can help improve economic development projects within communities.


CANDO Guidebook Topics

Every community is at a different stage of development. CANDO’s Competency Guidebooks can help provide the tools to organize, implement, and work together productively with others involved in the project. 

Community Economic Development (CED) can sometimes take time, and it can be a complicated process. When CED plans involve people, the community, resources (like time and money), and more, having a strong foundation in place can help make these projects more successful.

There are 16 competencies that EDOs say are the most common and important to their work, and are covered in the CANDO Guidebooks below:

  1. Nature, Structure & Functioning of Economies
  2. Community Economic Development Philosophy and Theory
  3. Community Economic Development Practice
  4. Community & Political Processes
  5. Organizational Behaviour
  6. Context of Aboriginal Economic Development
  7. Contemporary Approaches & Issues
  8. Financial Accounting
  9. Managerial Accounting
  10. Community Impact Analysis & Assessment
  11. Marketing
  12. New Venture Development
  13. Community-Based Research
  14. Aboriginal Business Law & Policies
  15. Written & Oral Communication
  16. Community Planning

Though not required, the CANDO Guidebooks provide a ton of information that can make community economic development less complicated. These Guidebooks are sold both as an entire set or individually, so if an EDO only needs to sharpen their skills and knowledge in a particular area, they can simply buy the Guidebooks they need.

To see the prices and make an order, please visit the CANDO website.