WQS (Wright Quality Services) is an Indigenous business in the GDC portfolio that provides a variety of inspection services for Western Canada’s energy sector including non-destructive testing (NDT). 


Growing the Economy with a Little Help

The infrastructure needs in many industries are vast and complex. Maintenance, expansion and upgrades are required to keep equipment safe, compliant and up-to-date. To accomplish project goals at both small and large scales a trusted partner is needed, and that’s where WQS comes in.

WQS is an example of a Gitga’at Development Corporation business that provides high-value services that are in demand. But more importantly, it’s a business that helps our community grow. 


A Focus on Employees

Something that makes WQS different is its long-term view on employees. WQS doesn’t just look at where an employee is at today in their skillset; the company wants to understand the bigger picture including untapped abilities, knowledge, and skills. As long as workers are driven and persistent, and are independent thinkers, they are given plenty of opportunities for career development at WQS.

The energy industry has a huge need for qualified personnel to ensure that infrastructure such as tanks and pipelines are working properly. Standards are extremely high, and rightly so. Everything down to individual welds on pipe joins has to be flawless.


WQS Previous Projects

The company has completed major projects on behalf of large clients including Syncrude, Pacific Northern Gas, and Suncor, to name a few. Whether it’s inspections or conversion turnarounds on plant elements such as a: furnace, coker, reactor, fractionator, or piping, WQS has the personnel and experience to take on large, important initiatives and take them to the finish line safely and cost-effectively.  


A Long Term Professional Relationship

We’re proud of the work WQS has done and continues to do. As a GDC portfolio company, WQS is a shining example of what can happen when talent from our community is given a clear pathway to provide value in a large established industry such as energy. Though it has only been a year that GDC has partnered with WQS, we see a bright future working together.

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